FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about phrasella

17 Aug 2020

What is phrasella about?

Phrasella is a multilingual dictionary for phrases. It provides you the translation of a phrase or word in at least ten and ideally more than a hundred other language language locales.

What is different to other online dictionaries?

While popular dictionary websites usually list translations of words and phrases from one into another language, phrasella focuses on translations from one into multiple languages.

Are the translations verified?

Our translations are taken from a variety of domains and are neither checked manually nor verified by our team. However we do our best to list only translations from sources that we think are credible.

Where do the translations come from?

All phrases in our databases are drawn from thousands of previously translated multilingual texts. They were extracted from websites, software applications or official documents.

What’s a language locale?

A locale respects the fact that a certain language can vary depending on region or country. Many languages have the same origin of vocabulary, grammar and syntax. However over time they have been adapted differently in the countries they are spoken.

A good example is Spanish that originates from Spain. There are 20 countries that have Spanish as their official language, most of them in Latin America. Each region adjusted Spanish with a little twist. Although it is one language, there are many variations. Basic